Supper Series Beer Dinner

Join us in the Beer Garden at 7p.m. on Saturday, July 18th to enjoy a 5-course Beer Pairing Dinner prepared by Chef Matt Hansen. Each course is expertly paired by our Certified Cicerone® Brewer Bryan Krueger.  The Boundary “Supper Series” is a chance to try exclusive dishes and beers specifically crafted to experience your tastebuds.

Here’s the menu for this Saturday’s dinner:

  • Welcome beer: 3-B
  • Course 1: Heirloom tomato and buffalo mozzarella salad with buckwheat and fresh curry leaves paired with Safety Brett
  • Course 2: Sea Cow Oyster and Gose Mignonette and ceviche paired with Steady as She Gose
  • Course 3: Merguez brochette with grilled cauliflower couscous paired with Pilsner
  • Course 4: IPA marinated skirt steak ssam with house made sorachi kimchi with Sorachi Ace Single Hop
  • Dessert: Saffron Hazelnut ice cream with honey-brown butter topping and a salt and pepper cookie paired with Traverse IPA

Tickets ($45) are available for purchase at the Taproom. Join the WIll-Call list by emailing

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What’s BIFT?

Get BIFT Tuesday

Get BIFT on Tuesday’s in Bellingham!

BIFT stands for Beer. Improv. Food Truck. It’s a simple concept with happy results.

The Upfront Theatre performs LIVE improv comedy EVERY Tuesday this summer from 6-8pm at Boundary Bay! Seen “Whose Line is it Anyway?” It’s a lot like that except live, in-person and outdoors in a beer garden. Four rotating Improvisers from the Upfront perform each week for an interactive, family-friendly comedy show. The 1.5 hours show is comprised of two sets of short-form improv comedy games that are always high energy and full of laughs. Grab a beer, a slice of Cicchitti’s Pizza Food Truck and enjoy the show!

$5 cover (12yrs & under FREE)


Ski to Sea Weekend with Boundary Bay

Before the Race and After the Race at Boundary Bay

Friday, May 23 was the most successful Ski to Sea Block Party in the past few years! We shutdown the alley and introduced our 22-foot alley bar, complete with a barrel wheel system, to the public (see photos). The Block Party wouldn’t be complete without awesome entertainment! And the Atlantics brought the house down, per usual. Their saxophonist, Mark Kelley, and vocalist/pianist, Paul Klein, led a Conga Line through the Beer Garden, alley, Brew House, Bistro and Taproom before arriving back on stage.

On Saturday, May 24 we hosted the annual Bellingham Firefighters Pipes and Drums fundraiser with music from The Nubbins, and of course, the Pipes and Drums Band.

After the race on Sunday, May 25 we held a low-key BBQ with live music from local musician Kevin Chryst’s newest band, Fence-Fire.

Photos from the Ski to Sea Block (below)

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Boundary Bay Team Party

Every year, we invite some of the best athletes in the Pacific Northwest to be a part of Team Boundary Bay! The day before the race we always have a fun meet-and-greet and team party. This year, we held our team meeting in the Edgemoor neighborhood in South Bellingham. The racers, family and friends enjoyed Paella from Paellaworks, a giant rope swing, cornhole and of course, Boundary Bay Ski-to-Sea ESB, which is a brand-new recipe this year!

Below are photos from Team Boundary’s meeting and party!

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Team Boundary Ski to Sea

They don’t call it an Adventure Race for nothing. This year’s Ski to Sea Race presented a variety of new obstacles, especially for the Boundary Bay Men’s team. Trail runner Connor Whan nearly collapsed, toward the end of his leg, due to a health condition, barely making it to his finish line. After a rough start the Men’s team roared back into action. The canoe tandem had quite the finish. Team Aeromech just edged out Team Boundary Bay at the canoe leg finish line. (video)

Boundary Bay kept the competition close with Team Aeromech, until a deer collided with cross-country cyclist Kevin Calhoun, causing him to ride most of the leg with a flat tire. The kayak leg went quite smoothly for Dorian Wolter, even though high speed winds whipped across the bay. The handoff to Mountain Biker Russell Stevenson went flawless, but a BNSF freight train created a small layover for Stevenson as he waited for the lengthy train to pass. A race official timed how long Stevenson needed to wait, and subtracted it off the team’s overall time. Here’s a video of Stevenson waiting and waiting and waiting. (below)

We are quite proud of both of our teams! Here are the results. Photos are also below.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.00.44 PM

The Women’s team did a great job, as they always do, bringing home the Top Spot for their division (Competitive Women) for the 16th year in a row!!! After having a back and forth battle for first overall for a Women’s team they finished only 20 seconds behind Kulshan Cycles (who were in the Whatcom Open Division).
Race results

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Prayer Flags for Saurpani


Help in the Nepal earthquake recovery efforts by purchasing a paper prayer flag when you dine at Boundary Bay. We are raising funds for the village of Saurpani, a Gurkha village located near the epicenter of the recent 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. Our GM Janet Lightner recently travelled through Nepal to base camp on Mt. Everest, where she met some extraordinary people along the way. Fortunately, the friends she made on her journey are safe, however, many of their homes and villages were destroyed.

Working with Jwalant from Crystal Mountain Treks, our goal is to raise $10,000 to help rebuild the village of Saurpani. Our staff will be selling paper prayer flags starting at $1 — write a prayer, thought, or wish on your flag. At the end of the day, we will string them together and hang them up throughout the brewery. We hope to adorn our walls will several flags and well-wishes in the up and coming weeks. All proceeds raised during this fundraiser will go towards the rehabilitation efforts in Saurpani. We sincerely appreciate any donation towards this cause. Thank you.

Stay tuned for an official fundraiser in our Beer Garden.

Thursday, April 30th: UPDATES
The Bellingham Farmer’s Market reached out to us this morning and told us they would like to get involved in our Prayer Flag Fundraiser by setting up a booth at the market on Saturday, May 9th. They will be selling paper prayer flags starting at $1 — Stop by the booth and make a donation. Thank you BFM!
The Legendary Chucklenuts also reached out and told us they would like their June 19th show to be dedicated to the fundraiser. Rather than be paid, they would like would like funds be directed towards the Prayer Flag Fundraiser.
 We are delighted by the generosity and outpouring of support we have received on behalf of this fundraiser. Lets keep it rolling, Bellingham! THANK YOU!

Safety Break ISA: Crafted to Reduce Gluten

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 1.41.51 PM

Safety Break ISA is crafted to reduce gluten. The finished product contains gluten. As of 2013, ELISA testing of hydrolyzed products is not recognized by the FDA. Those with Celiac disease/severe gluten intolerance should not consume any product that contains gluten. 

The Galbraith Mountain Series continues with batch No. 5, Safety Break India Session Ale. Even bigger news on the Boundary front; Safety Break was crafted to reduce gluten, with more batches on the horizon.

So what’s the difference between Gluten-Free and Gluten-Reduced Beer, and why is it labeled this way?

Beer in it’s strict definition is an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops. Gluten-Free Beer is made with entirely gluten-free grains, including sorghum, millet, buckwheat or rice and contains zero barley, wheat or rye. Thus, it can be officially be labeled as “gluten-free” according to the FDA.

In the United States, the FDA will not allow any product or beverage made with wheat, barley or rye to be labeled “gluten-free.” even if ELISA testing finds less than 20ppm gluten in the product. What you can state is; “crafted to reduce gluten.”

How do you make a gluten-reduced beer, when Barley is a main competent?

An enzyme (WLN400 Clarity Ferm) is added in the brewing process, that breaks down the proteins in barley. While gluten is not entirely removed, it significantly reduces the level of gluten. For those looking to reduce their daily gluten intake, this is a viable option.

A TTB Certified Beer Laboratory ELISA tested Safety Break India Session Ale and found gluten levels to be less than 10 parts per million, however, the FDA policy states there is no valid test to verify the gluten content of a fermented product. Thus Safety Break ISA cannot be deemed “risk-free” or safe for everyone, as the beer does contain small amounts of gluten. We tested Safety Break ISA through the ELISA certification process in order to provide people with additional information they can use to judge whether or not they want to consume the product.

“I’m very supportive of a beer that is reduced gluten, as long as it’s in accordance with the TTB label requirements. You’re supposed to say that the beer is crafted to reduce gluten, that the beer does contain gluten and that the tests that are now available are not reliable enough to measure the impact of the gluten. If somebody does that, I want to compete with them because that’s a fair practice.” — Pedro Gonzalez, founder of New Planet Beer Co. 

Boundary Bay Brewery Gluten Sample_8879

Further reading on Gluten Reduced Beers:

The Supper Series

We’ve been busy over here at Boundary Bay, planning a summer full of entertainment for Bellingham residents and visitors alike. What’s in store for this summer? You can expect good ol’ classics like our Friday Fish Fry’s, Brewers Cruises on the Bay and Happy Hour BBQ’s with Robert Sarazin Blake — but we’re switching gears and adding even more entertainment to our weekly lineup: Irish music Monday’s to start, Outdoor Improv with the Upfront on Tuesdays, acoustic open mic nights, food truck Wednesdays and The Supper Series. More details to come on these events as we near June.


One of the things we’re most excited about, is the Boundary Bay Supper Series we’re launching this spring and continuing on into summer. Brewer Bryan Krueger, Head Chef Matt Hansen and Floor Manager Daniel Trulson, have been collaborating over the last few months to bring you a delicious, informative and cohesive series of Beer Pairings Dinners and Preview Nights. The Supper Series is geared towards those looking for an introduction into the world of food and beer pairing, with the ultimate goal to increase overall knowledge of the art of paring. Call it, courses within a course, if you will.

Bryan, Matt and Dan are professionals within their individual fields, but what’s more special, is seeing their passion and expertise unite as they prepare and collaborate for the series. Join them this Saturday, March 28th at 4p.m. for the first Supper Series Preview Night at our New Brew Facility (located right next door to Boundary Bay at 103 Railroad Ave. Bellingham, WA 98225). Enjoy hors d’oeuvres paired with a small flight of craft beer as a brief introduction to our first five course Pairing Dinner on April 11th. Preview Night menu:

  • Cedar Dust IPA with Chichirone, roasted Serrano coulis
  • Irish Red with Washed Rind cheese (cowgirl red hawk)
  • Dubbel with venison slider

Give us a call to make a reservation for Saturday’s preview: (360) 657-5593. ($6 per person, 21+ )


safecoYou’ve been asking…so here you go! Once again Boundary Bay invites you to GET ON THE BUS and head to Mariners Opening Game vs. Anaheim on Monday, April 6th @1:10pm!

[This is a fundraiser — all proceeds raised will go towards the Bellingham St. Patrick’s Day Parade Non-Profit

Tickets to get on the Boundary Bay Bus to the Mariners Home Opener game cost $80.00 and include beverages on the bus, lunch and snacks, for the game, plus raffles and Boundary Bay Brewery merchandise giveaways!  Tickets not yet available – stay tuned.

On April 6th, get to Boundary Bay by 9:30AM and be ready to depart at 10am.  The game starts at 1:10pm, but the on-field festivities begin earlier. We want to make sure we have plenty of time to get down to Seattle for the pre-game festivities. We should arrive back in Bellingham late evening. Get on the bus!

Fat Tuesday and Cajun Wednesday at Boundary Bay

If you missed Fat Tuesday yesterday, don’t worry. We decided to keep the special cajun menu around for one more day!

Here’s the menu.


Braised beef shoulder doused in spicy debris gravy, piled on top of a soft roll with mayonnaise & Iceberg lettuce. Served with your choice side: salad, roasted potatoes, or Tim’s potato chips.  $10.99


A rich and hearty stew full of tender chicken thigh meat, Andouille sausage, bell peppers, onions, okra, scallops and shrimp. Seasoned with Cajun spices and a dark roux. Served with rice. $8.99


Seasoned, de-boned fresh trout, pan fried and topped with a traditional brown butter, lemon and shallot sauce with a splash of our Irish Red Ale. Collard greens simmered with ham hocks and bacon, and red beans & rice on the side. $16.99


Red beans slow cooked with onion, celery, bell pepper, garlic, smoked ham hocks, and Andouille sausage. Served with rice and traditional  Louisiana-style smoked sausage. $10.99


Catfish seasoned with paprika, cayenne, thyme, oregano, blackened and served on a fresh roll with pickles, Iceberg lettuce, and a remoulade made with our Irish Red Ale. Served with your choice side: salad, roasted potatoes, or Tim’s potato chips.  $11.99


Provolone cheese, smoked Mozzarella, Genoa salami, Capicola salami, and Mortadella (contains pistachio nuts) topped with an olive salad and served on a focaccia. Served with your choice side: salad, roasted potatoes, or Tim’s potato chips.  $10.99

Catfish Po'Boy

The Catfish Po’Boy

Trout Meuniere

Trout Meuniere

Sustainable Connections honors Owner Ed Bennett & General Manager Janet Lightner

On Thursday Feb. 12, Boundary Bay Brewing Co. Owner Ed Bennett and General Manager Janet Lightner accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award from Sustainable Connections in Bellingham, Wash. For two decades Boundary Bay Brewing Co. has operated out of a historic 1922 warehouse on Railroad Avenue in Downtown Bellingham. Sept. 16, 2015 marks the 20th year Boundary Bay has been a part of the Bellingham community.

Ed and Janet were recognized for the support and generosity they give community and the sustainable measures they take with their business, according to Sustainable Connections. They think local first, take care of their employees and live the principled life.

“It’s so nice that we have a way to recognize Ed & Janet,” Sustainable Connections Membership Coordinator Abby Hade Terpstra says. “We know that they are far from done but they’ve already achieved so much.”

This is the 5th annual Lifetime Achievement Award given by Sustainable Connections. Past winners include John Blethen of New Whatcom Interiors (2013), Chuck & Dee Robinson of Village Books & Paper Dreams (2012), Duane Jager of ReUse Works (2011) and Fred & Lynn Berman of Pastazza (2010).

Boundary Bay Brewery Owner Ed Bennett and General Manager Janet Lightner hoist the 2014 Ski to Sea trophy.

Boundary Bay Brewery Owner Ed Bennett and General Manager Janet Lightner hoist the 2014 Ski to Sea trophy.

Barb’s Beer: Seattle Launch

Did you ever think drinking a beer could help find a cure for cancer? Well now it can. At 6 p.m. on Wednesday, Feb. 11 Barb’s Beer was launched in Seattle at Serious Pie & Biscuit in Westlake.

Here are the details about this great program..

MISSON: Barbara Murphy was a great runner. She was a talented interior designer and a wonderful wife, mother and friend. In 2007, Barb was diagnosed with non-smoker’s lung cancer out of the blue and fought it valiantly before passing away in December, 2013. She never complained. Instead she focused on doing what she could to create awareness for this disease which afflicts a quarter million Americans a year, including 30,000 people – mostly women – who like, Barb, never smoked.

PROGRAM: Barb’s family created the idea of “Barb’s Beer” — a beer that would be brewed specifically to raise awareness and funds for finding a cure for lung cancer. Originally launched and brewed by North Sound Brewing Co., our very own Brewer, Bryan Krueger, was passed the baton over the summer, and Boundary became the official brewers of Barbs Beer!!

We are directly involved with the Barb’s Beer Foundation – marketing to restaurants and taverns to put Barb’s Beer on their taps. The goal is to raise funds to support research to find a cure for lung cancer. Funds will be directed to Cancer Grace, a project founded by Barb’s oncologist, Dr. Howard West, a physician and nationally recognized cancer research specialist at Swedish Hospital in Seattle.