Boundary Bay Brewery enters the blogosphere

With little to no trepidation whatsoever, the brave and hardy folks at Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham, Washington have tightened their belts, fixed their hair, taken a deep breath and jumped, cannonball style, into that-them-thar blogosphere that all the papers seem to be talking about.

Yes friends, wonder no longer about the goings-ons of the brewery that makes that oh so perfect pint that, at times, seems to be the only good part of your day! Read on and discover the people, events and things that are all a part of what we call (completely free of hyperbole) ‘Bellingham’s Best Beer.’


5 thoughts on “Boundary Bay Brewery enters the blogosphere

  1. Congrats on the new blog!! I have always loved your beers. I’m looking forward to my 2006 Cabin Fever this winter. Any Skip’s available on tap in the Tacoma area? Or in bottles up there?

  2. Thank you for the Boundary Bay Brewery info. If I get out Bellingham, I must check them out. The Beer Doctor

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