Watts brings rock & roll to Boundary Bay, loses guitar in the process

Saturday, September 22 started out like any other day at Boundary Bay Brewery. Beer was crafted, food was served and the public house atmosphere was set as folks gathered brought together by their mutual appreciation of the care that went into the manufacture and preparation of the provisions and libations they were now enjoying.

Then suddenly a sound emanated from the beer garden; a raucous, joyous, electrified sound. It was the sound of local rock (and real estate) luminaries Watts tuning up their rock machine. Someone quickly (& wisely) grabbed their camcorder to capture the eminent spectacle. This is what they captured.

A celebration followed and a good time was had by all. But as history (both personal and world) has shown, there is such thing as too much much of a good thing. As Watts packed up their gear, they neglected to pack up one of axe-man Dave Crider’s prized guitars and by the time the error was realized, it had been stolen from Boundary Bay’s beer garden.

The missing guitar is pretty hard to, well, miss. Here is a picture of Dave playing the guitar along with a statement from Dave:

• $100 REWARD •
Lost the late evening of Saturday Sept 22 / early morning of Sept 23
at the Boundary Bay Brewery beer garden (outside) in Bellingham
following the WATTS show this past weekend – last seen on a table in
it’s black hardshell case to the right of the stage near the fence/
alley – this guitar has alot of memories and sentimental value
attached to it and I would love to have it back – I am offering a
$100 no questions asked reward for it’s return. The guitar can be
returned to the Boundary Bay and reward collected there – again no
questions asked. Any help spreading the word about this would be most
appreciated – Thanks, Dave C

If you have any information leading to the return of this guitar, please call Boundary Bay Brewery @ (360)-647-5593.


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