What did you just say?

Did you know that Boundary Bay Brewery uses a Munzinger Bung Extractor?   For those of you not familiar with the terminology, a bung is a wood plug that is not only used to stop up the bunghole in a keg, but also allows pressure to be relieved as the kegs are pressurized for use.  A bung extractor, as the name suggests, removes the bung from the keg. Bung extractors can vary in design from a glorified corkscrew to a slightly more complex, although still very simple, lever.

Boundary Bay's Bung Extractor
The Munzinger...up cloes and personal!

Boundary Bay’s Munzinger Bung Extractor, manufactured by Maynz & Co in New York City in 1934, is a specialized drill press that makes removal of the bung a much easier, mechanized task.  With the advent of modern tap filled and cleaned kegs, machines like the Munzinger are becoming harder to come by. This piece of brewing equipment is becoming obsolete so we are lucky to have such a piece of history right here in our brewery.  We even submitted the sound of the Munzinger to NPR’s mystery sounds.  And, just in case you love the Munzinger Bung Extractor as much as we do…and whether that’s because you’re a beer officianado or you just think the name sounds funny, you too can strut your stuff wearing a Boundary Bay Munzinger shirt…available at the Brewery or online through our website.


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