Boundary Bay Brewery and the Neighborhood Chickens…


Boundary Bay Brewery is located in Bellingham Washington; a town that embraces personal creativity, freedom and expression.  Things just seem to be done a little differently here in Bellingham.  The pace is a little slower.  The people are a little friendlier.  You’re bound to see smiles from the people you just happen to pass in the street.  Boundary Bay Brewery is situated right on Railroad Avenue in downtown Bellingham and next door to us is Core Kinetics Studio who happen to have chickens roosting in their backyard.  The studio decided to raise the chickens in this urban environment to help support local food charities (by donating eggs and/or money raised from selling eggs to their own customers).  As any of you know who’ve been keeping up with us or our blog we are always looking for ways to do what we do in more sustainable ways.  We like to be good neighbors and we saw that the next door chickens might like to feast on some of our barley.  In return, the studio (or rather the chickens!) are providing us with natural, organic fertilizer for our beer garden (otherwise known as chicken manure to add to our compost!).  Our beer garden has been certified as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat, thus we have made a commitment to eco-friendly gardening practices like reducing the use of chemicals and using chicken poop instead.  Plus, to get our fertilizer and soil ammender, we only have to walk a block down our alley and visit some lovely neighborhood chickens and friendly pilates people.  No driving, no carbon footprint that needs to be offset, no congestion, no pollution.  Just good neighbors sharing what they have with each other and finding ways to, together, become more sustainable and a stronger community.


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