Boundary Bay’s Ski to Sea 2009 Women’s Team

Back in 1998 our first Women’s Ski to Sea team was formed.  A couple of employees (Heather and Wendy) put together the team for fun.  I remember stories of their sore muscles after there first couple of kayak and canoe paddles.  They had a good time, and I stayed at the Brewery making pizzas, pouring beer, cleaning dishes and whatever it takes to get through that crazy ski to sea Sunday afternoon.  That was the last race Sunday I have worked inside the Brewery.  My life on this weekend took  a big turn when the next year Brian (a friend and regular at the Brewery) suggested we put together a competitive women’s team.  He had a great core of women and I filled in a couple of spots.  We met them, fed them and were up early on the Mt. to cheer them on.  You can imagine my surprise when our xc skier Barb was the 7th racer out of over 350 to finish!  We took 13th place overall that first year and we got the bug for competitive Ski to Sea racing!!  This is our tenth year anniversary as a team.  Deb was on that 1999 team and she will be back this year.

Being involved in Ski to Sea has brought us life long friendships and deepened our involvement with the community.   I have met athletes who have gone on to the Olympics, and have seen the dedication it takes to achieve that level of fitness.

For the tenth year in a row I will be up on Mt. Baker waiting for the gun to go off and cheering on our team!  The excitement of race day will overwhelm me for the tenth time, and as we move closer to gathering the 10 year anniversary team I can’t help but wonder if that 10th place finish might be ours…after all it is our Anniversary?!

Good Luck and have a safe race to all racers, and thank you to all the volunteers and the Chamber of Commerce. Cheers, Janet Lightner

Click here to view our official team site. From there you can read bios of our racers, see photos from previous races and more.

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