2 thoughts on “Naughty or Nice…Get It at Boundary Bay Brewery!

  1. Sorry for the confusion! Our Cabin Fever is a winter seasonal beer and while we do bottle some in 22 oz bottles, we do not fill growlers with it. We have such a limited quantity of it that we try to ensure having it on tap at our own brewery…limiting the beer to go is a good way to do that. We plan to sell a certain amount in bottles and the rest on tap. Occasionally, at the end of a season, our seasonal beer may become available in growlers, but that’s only if there’s a surplus (which generally doesn’t hapen with the Cabin Fever).

  2. Hello! i was in last night for imper.porter cask night. Everything was wonderful.Porter had a great flavor, yet was pretty flat. I bought two growlers to take when i left, but was told my my waitress that i could not have cabin fever in a growler. i see that it is mentioned and offered here. i was deeply saddened to not be allowed to take the delight that is cabin fever home with me.

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