2 thoughts on “Learn More About Beer in the New Year!

  1. More advanced beer tasting…it would be cool to have a tasting of hard to find beers for the true beer connoisseur, but I thought it’d be frustrating for people to try 4oz. of beer, fall in love with it and not be able to get more of it. That is why I’ve tried to focus on beers that are locally available as well as pairing the beers with local food.
    For a more advanced homebrewing class I have thought about it, but there are some logistic issues as far as time at the college. I thought about doing an all-grain class focusing on mashing and skipping the boil to save time (assuming that anyone getting into all-grain brewing has already done some extract brewing before). I also don’t know if there would be enough demand for it. I thought it would be cool too to bring several homebrew systems in to show people different ways to make their own mash tuns, wort chillers, ect. So there is no plan for it now, but if there is enough people like you who are asking about it, we could figure something out in the future. Also I would suggest joining the local homebrewer’s club, the Bellingham Homebrew Guild. There are many knowledgeable homebrewers who could help you with your homebrewing goals. Cheers, -Anthony Stone

  2. Will Anthony be offering any classes for the more advanced beer connoisseur? I homebrew and am passionate for beer.

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