3 thoughts on “New Coffee, New Beer, Same Old Local Love!

  1. Thank you very much for responding. I think it’s important to make your reasons clear. According to your blog post, “we decided that we’d rather work with a local coffee roaster since our community and local economy are so important to us” and especially when they are ” family owned and operated.” However, from your response to me, it sounds like your main reason is that they are family owned and operated, and small, and not that they don’t roast locally, because they still do.

    The turnabout there makes it sound more suspicious than well-intentioned. Please know that I believe it’s well-intentioned, it’s just that the language from the blog post vs your response don’t completely jive.

    If it’s simply to remain small and family-owned oriented, fantastic. Nothing wrong with making that clear in the post.

  2. I wanted to find the change at Tony’s that said they were no longer a local roaster, but didn’t see anything. I know they roast outside WA, too. Is the idea to stick to a 100% local roaster?

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