Brewers Open House

This Saturday, February 23rd from Noon to five, craft breweries all around Washington will open their doors to public for the Brewers Open House. Beer-enthusiasts are invited to visit their favorite ale houses and take a peak into ‘where the magic happens’. Brewers will offer behind the scenes tours and chat with visitors about their business. Start building your list of Q’s and get ready for a day of all things CRAFT!

imperialipaHere at Boundary, the big event of the day will be our Imperial IPA Bottle Release. This only happens ONCE a year! Limited quantity of our Imperial IPA is bottled so we suggest you get ’em now…or you’ll have to wait until 2014!

Now, we wanted to make sure you really enjoyed yourselves this weekend, so the Local Breweries of Bham have partnered up and rented the Baker Bus to transport you for FREE around town. The bus starts at Boundary every hour on the hour and will drive you from here to Kulshan, and on to Chuckanut Brewery. Every twenty minutes the bus will head to the next brewery (12:00 Boundary, 12:20 Kulshan, 12:40 Chuckanut etc. until 5PM). We want you to have a great time, but most importantly we want you to be safe! So take advantage of the Baker Bus and make sure you hit all the stops!

Come tour Boundary Bay Brewery and chat with Head Brewer Aaron Jacob Smith, grab your Imperial IPA bottles, and ride the Baker Bus to your next destination!


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