Summer Beer Tasting Course

DSCN2238Love beer? Want to learn more about it? Boundary Bay Brewer, Anthony Stone, will be hosting an Introduction to Beer Course at the Ferndale Crossing on July 2nd at 6pm ($15 a person). This class is designed to be a good primer, and base level intro for new beer connoisseurs who are interested in finding out more about the brewing process and what specifically creates different types of beer, how they’re unique from each other, and most importantly, WHY!  By attending, you’ll discover more about the styles YOU enjoy and why that might be the case, according to your personal pallet.

DSCN2247The course will sample eight different beers with a wide range of styles. Ales and Lagers, from American, German to Belgian – you’ll sample beers that are malty, hoppy, balanced and right in-between. Tasting different beers, side-by-side, will help you learn which ones you prefer and increase your knowledge about beer in general. Most importantly, you’ll discover the ingredients and processes that give a beer it’s unique taste, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, balance…etc. And you’ll learn what all those things actually refer to  ; )

This will be a great opportunity for those who enjoy their beers and want to learn more about their individual preferences and the brewing process in general. No registration is necessary; simply show up the day of!  21+ only of course. Cheers, we hope to see you there!

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