We’ve Been “Randallized”

RandallThis nifty gadget arrived at the brewery yesterday, and we can’t wait for you to test it out! Introducing The Randallthe organoleptic hop transducer module! What’s that you might ask?

Essentially, it’s a pretty sweet piece of filter equipment that runs draft beer through a chamber of fresh hops, infusing your pint with an incredibly delicious blast of flavor! Randall quickly bathes the beer in fresh hops before it is poured into the glass. The alcohol in the beer strips the distinctive oils, called Lupulin, from the fresh hop cones. The mouthfeel of the beer becomes dramatically different; the unmitigated hop oils and resins make you feel like you’re losing a layer of enamel from your teeth – no kidding! It’s a bit strange, but it’s an experience you must try (especially for you hop heads out there!)

Every Saturday we rig up the Randall with a new recipe — meander on over and give it a try. Do you have any awesome ideas about what we should put in the Randall? Experimentation suggestions are welcome! Tweet or Facebook us your thoughts using hashtag #randall

[Cited “Who is Randall and What’s Up With His Beer” – Coastal Sussex]

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