Bold Predictions: Divisional Weekend


Boundary Bay Brewery will be opening at 9:30 a.m. on Sunday for Gameday & Beer-To-Go. Chef Matt has prepared another delicious breakfast lineup: Breakfast sandwiches & burritos, cinnamon rolls and biscuits & chorizo gravy. Mimosas and Red Beer will be available too! Kickoff is at 10 a.m. Doors open at 9:30. The game will be shown on the Big Screen in the Taproom. The game will also be on in the Bistro.

Seahawks Recap:


Jordan is our Resident Football Analyst. He is an avid football fan and has been to Boundary Bay’s Fantasy Super Bowl three times. 

As Blair Walsh lined up to make the game-winning field goal, I was already thinking about the reasons why we lost the game. The -6° F weather; the lack of offense through the first three quarters; A tipped pass by Russell Wilson resulting in a interception; a questionable penalty on Kam Chancellor.


Walsh was 3 for 3 on the day and a 27-yard field goal is usually a chip shot for him. Ball was snapped, the holder placed laces in and Walsh shanked it so hard left, he could have played Andy Dufresne in Shawsank Redemption. The Vikings were so close. Instead, the Seahawks are on their way to Charlotte, N.C. to face the Panthers in the divisional round.

Give the Seahawks some credit though. They created momentum in the 4th quarter, when they needed it most. On a botched snap that should have been an 8-yard loss, Danger Russ stood up, scrambled and converted a deep pass to rookie Tyler Lockett. Kam Chancellor took the helm and caused a Adrian Peterson. But, then the Seahawks barely escaped a boot from the playoffs. #GoHawks

Bold Prediction: Seattle beats Carolina in a close game: 20-17. Even though it’s the early game Sunday, I think the Seahawks and Panthers will be the most competitive and exciting game of the weekend.

Both teams have stout defenses and run heavy offenses. No team ran the ball more this season than the Panthers. Quarterback Cam Newtown, former Heisman Trophy winner, is the Panther’s team leader and could very well be the League’s MVP.

For Seattle, this will be the first time that Marshawn Lynch and Doug Baldwin will be on the field together in a long while. I’m looking for early and aggressive start for Seattle featuring “Beast Mode” runs opening up the passing lanes for “Not-So-Angry Doug.”

With the win the Seahawks will be off to the “toaster” in Glendale,  Ariz. to take on their rival in the NFC championship.


Bold Prediction: The red hot Kansas City Chiefs are reeling after their shutout against the not-so-good Texans who were worse than warm, flat beer. As much as I would like to see them knock the New England Patriots out of the playoffs, it just won’t happen. I have to pick the Patriots due to the return of Tom Brady’s favorite wide receiver, Julian Edelman. Plus, in my opinion, Andy Reid is notorious for poor clock management in the playoffs.


Bold Prediction: Big Ben came back, injured, to win the game against the self-imploding Cincinnati Bengals. Vontae Burfict and Adam “PacMan” Jones basically gave the Pittsburg Steelers center stage with their blatant and poor behavior

As much as people say the Steelers are a sleeper pick no one wants to play, they are just too banged up. Big Ben, Antonio Brown, De’Angelo Williams are all injured. The Broncos defense is the real deal, plus Peyton Manning had an extra week to rest and game plan.  I’m picking Denver. I hope Manning has one more shot at a championship before he finally retires.

Bold Prediction: Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron Rodgers, former MVP, finally returned to that status last week. The football team from Washington never stood a chance once they Packers returned to their familiar form.

But, they play the Arizona Cardinals. I’m picking the Red Birds all the way.When they last met on December 27, 2015 the Cardinals embarrassed the Cheese Heads 38-8. The Cardinals defense is just too good with their shut down corners and a very solid pass rush. Rodgers has been sacked more than any other quarterback this year. Look for Arizona to keep Rodgers on the ground.


Good luck to all football fans this weekend, and may the odds be ever in your favor. #GoHawks

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