Get Randallized with Farmstrong Collab!

Boundary Bay Brewery & Farmstrong Brewing Company recently collaborated to make the Sour Saison!

Stats: 16°P OG // ~30 IBU

Malts: Skagit Valley Malting’s ‘Alba’ and ‘Club Wheat’.

Hops: French Tardif de Bourgogne

Yeast: ‘Citrus’ from Imperial Organic Yeast in Portland

It will be #Randallized with more French Tardif de Bourgogne hops. Brewer Bryan found a little bit of info on the French Hop.

The first description I found… “A French hop, used as an aromatic in continental lagers.” Oh, come on! So, I kept digging and eventually found a little more information. It’s a true noble Strisselspalt variety grown around the Alsace region, the Eastern edge of France along the Rhine River, Germany, and Switzerland. Most likely, Tardif de Bourgogne was a rhizome clone someone selected from an old French land race with desirable brewing characteristics, as opposed to an intentionally cross-bred variety, or modern triploid experiment, for instance. Like many of the best aroma varieties, Tardif de Bourgogne contains a low percentage of alpha acids, only 3-5%, with relatively high humulene content.

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