Ski to Sea Weekend with Boundary Bay

Before the Race and After the Race at Boundary Bay

Friday, May 23 was the most successful Ski to Sea Block Party in the past few years! We shutdown the alley and introduced our 22-foot alley bar, complete with a barrel wheel system, to the public (see photos). The Block Party wouldn’t be complete without awesome entertainment! And the Atlantics brought the house down, per usual. Their saxophonist, Mark Kelley, and vocalist/pianist, Paul Klein, led a Conga Line through the Beer Garden, alley, Brew House, Bistro and Taproom before arriving back on stage.

On Saturday, May 24 we hosted the annual Bellingham Firefighters Pipes and Drums fundraiser with music from The Nubbins, and of course, the Pipes and Drums Band.

After the race on Sunday, May 25 we held a low-key BBQ with live music from local musician Kevin Chryst’s newest band, Fence-Fire.

Photos from the Ski to Sea Block (below)

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Boundary Bay Team Party

Every year, we invite some of the best athletes in the Pacific Northwest to be a part of Team Boundary Bay! The day before the race we always have a fun meet-and-greet and team party. This year, we held our team meeting in the Edgemoor neighborhood in South Bellingham. The racers, family and friends enjoyed Paella from Paellaworks, a giant rope swing, cornhole and of course, Boundary Bay Ski-to-Sea ESB, which is a brand-new recipe this year!

Below are photos from Team Boundary’s meeting and party!

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Team Boundary Ski to Sea

They don’t call it an Adventure Race for nothing. This year’s Ski to Sea Race presented a variety of new obstacles, especially for the Boundary Bay Men’s team. Trail runner Connor Whan nearly collapsed, toward the end of his leg, due to a health condition, barely making it to his finish line. After a rough start the Men’s team roared back into action. The canoe tandem had quite the finish. Team Aeromech just edged out Team Boundary Bay at the canoe leg finish line. (video)

Boundary Bay kept the competition close with Team Aeromech, until a deer collided with cross-country cyclist Kevin Calhoun, causing him to ride most of the leg with a flat tire. The kayak leg went quite smoothly for Dorian Wolter, even though high speed winds whipped across the bay. The handoff to Mountain Biker Russell Stevenson went flawless, but a BNSF freight train created a small layover for Stevenson as he waited for the lengthy train to pass. A race official timed how long Stevenson needed to wait, and subtracted it off the team’s overall time. Here’s a video of Stevenson waiting and waiting and waiting. (below)

We are quite proud of both of our teams! Here are the results. Photos are also below.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 1.00.44 PM

The Women’s team did a great job, as they always do, bringing home the Top Spot for their division (Competitive Women) for the 16th year in a row!!! After having a back and forth battle for first overall for a Women’s team they finished only 20 seconds behind Kulshan Cycles (who were in the Whatcom Open Division).
Race results

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Got Cabin Fever?

Ah the joys of winter…frosty weather, impending holidays, and seasonal beers to soothe all our wordly woes.  I am oh so happy to say that Boundary Bay Brewery’s winter warmer, Cabin Fever, will FINALLY be on tap at the brewery this Tuesday, November 18th.  With an original gravity of 1.072, this big beer is feverinsnowtreesdeceptively strong.  We use Mt. Hood, Warrior, and Crystal hops along with Pale 2-Row, Munich, Caraston, Dark Crystal, Chocolate Malts, and Oats.  Specially brewed and bottled for the Pacific Northwest winters, this winter warmer’s dark red-brown color and rich malty flavor will complement any rich, hardy meal as well as your favorite spicy dish.  However, with it’s cold conditioned, smooth, dry-hopped flavor, Cabin Fever is very satisfying all by itself.  Come in from the cold and grab a taste of this beer that won a Silver at the World Beer Cup in 2008, a Bronze at the World Beer Cup in 2006, a Gold at the 2004 North American Beer Awards, a Bronze in the 2002 Great American Beer Festival, and a Silver at the Great American Beer Festival in 1999.  Don’t go crazy this winter…get your Cabin Fever now!  And don’t forget, next Tuesday, you can grab yourself some 22 oz bottles of Cabin Fever since we’ll be bottling all day Monday.  This year, be the favorite guest at the Thanksgiving table…bring enough Cabin Fever for everyone!

Beer in Transit…getting ready for the GABF

So, those of you who religiously follow the world of craft beer, you’ll know that on the very near horizon sits the Great American Beer Festival.  The GABF hosts one of the world’s largest tasting competitions and beers from around the world are judged within over 70 categories of beer styles.  Nearly 50,000 beer lovers are expected to attend this years festival!

beer lovers unite!

beer lovers unite!

Currently, Ed Bennet, the owner of Boundary Bay Brewery is driving from Bellingham to Denver with lots and lots of beer in tow.  By the end of this week, all the breweries competing in the Great American Beer Festival must have their beer to Denver in order to be sorted and grouped into the appropriate categories in preparation for the extensive tasting and judging to begin.  For at least eight years, Ed has been driving Boundary Bay’s beer to the competition…but, even cooler, he’s been taking beer for other breweries along the way as well.  Anacortes brewing, Elliott Bay brewery, the RAM, and Pike brewing all sent their lovely brews to nestle in with Boundary’s beer for the long ride to Denver…in total, Ed’s carrying beer from 13 breweries to the Great American Beer Festival.  We, and many other breweries, like to personally hand deliver our beer to the competition to ensure quality.  Even if a beer sample is shipped overnight, it can sit for too long at the wrong temperature or, worse, arrive broken thus taking that sample out of the competition.  Maybe it’s our commitment to quality and the effort Ed takes to make sure our beer stays at the correct temperature that has resulted in so many awards from the GABF in our past.