Hoodie Contest Deadline

The deadline for the Hoodie Contest is looming…don’t miss your chance to win a gift certificate to Boundary Bay and bragging rights of most loyal fan!  We’ve gotten a lot of great pictures so far from all over the world of cool people wearing our hoodies (and t-shirts!) The greatest part about this contest is reading the messages that folks emailed us along with their pictures.  Here are a couple of the best:

“Thanks for all you do, still my favorite brewery in the world!” – Gregory J. Lefcourt

“I love wearing my hoodie when I travel and representing Boundary Bay to the world.” – Casey Clark

“Boundary Bay blows away the competition!” (picture taken while straddling a cannon) – Delia Brands

At the end of November we will declare a Hoodie Contest Winner who will be notified via email.  They will win a $25 gift certificate to Boundary Bay as well as the right of having their winning photo displayed on the homepage of the Boundary Bay Brewery website for all to see.  The other photos will be located on the album page of our website.  After a winner is declared, we are going to hold a secondary competition for the People’s Choice award…the winner of which will receive drink tickets good for two free pints at our bar!  So, mark your calenders for the weekend after Thanksgiving and head to our website to get your first look at all the great Boundary Bay Hoodie pics from around the world!