Art and Beer

Last Sunday, Solace Wonder came up from Seattle to hold a live art show and an art exhibition at Boundary Bay Brewery.  He spent the afternoon down in our beer garden creating one of his signature pieces…using acrylic paints, spray paints, and even leaves from our very own garden.  There was beer and pizza to keep the viewers sated and coloring pages of Solace’s characters to keep the kiddies entertained.  Oddly enough (and my favorite part of the whole event!) it turned out that while watching Solace create, every single person who was watching ended up picking up a marker or a crayon and working on those coloring pages themselves.

I think that says a lot about Solace Wonder…that simply his act of creation inspired an entire beer garden full of art and beer lovers to create right along with him.  What better function of art is there?  And what better beverage to accompany such antics than beer?  =)

We are hoping to have more art functions in both our brewery and in our beer garden.  Contact us with samples of your work if you are interested in showcasing your talents!