Boundary Bay Brewing Company at the World Beer Cup

We here at Boundary Bay are pleased to announce that our Cabin Fever claimed a silver medal in the Strong Ale category at the Brewer’s Association World Beer Cup (WBC) 2008. The WBC is the largest beer competition in the world. It evaluates beers from around the globe and recognizes the most outstanding beers being produced in the world today. The World Beer Cup is a category driven competition meaning there are strict parameters like color, hop character and alcohol content that must be met for a beer to be submitted to a judging category. The World Beer Cup winners were selected by an international panel of 129 beer judges from 22 countries. This year, there were nearly 3,000 entries from over 600 breweries in 58 countries. Participation has increased from previous years with this year’s competition including almost 700 more beers than entries from 2006. This competition is serious to the point that medals are not given unless there are entries that exemplify the exceptional qualities the judges are looking for. Thus, beers are not simply judged to be the best of those entered, but simply…the best. Period.

Anthony Stone (one of our brewers), Ed Bennett (the owner) & Brian Bendix (our Seattle area distributor) traveled to San Diego to attend the Brewer’s Conference and to bring home Cabin Fever’s medal. While there, they had a unique opportunity to meet brewers from around the world to trade ideas and trouble shoot with. They gathered information on new equipment and new ideas for our up and coming brewery in Ferndale. They also got to sit in on discussions about sustainability and ways to lower the impact on our environment such as using energy more efficiently. One of the things Anthony likes best about the international competition is seeing first hand the differences between American and European brewing. He observed that, in general, European breweries often focused on preserving traditions and continuing the rich history that their beers or their breweries have embodied. Being a “new” brewing culture, North America (and especially the West Coast) has the freedom to be creative in their brewing and to break with tradition. Anthony appreciates the ability to always be changing and trying new ways to make the beer exactly what they want it to be.

Anthony (left) & Ed (center) @ the World Beer Cup

Anthony Stone (left) , Ed Bennett (center) & Brian Bendix (right) at the 2008 Brewer’s Association World Beer Cup

Boundary Bay Brewery heads to the Great American Beer Festival

Boundary Bay head honcho Ed Bennett (on the right) in Danny Williams’ (left) top secret beer storage facility somewhere outside of (or perhaps below?) Denver, CO.

The beer has been brewed, the beer has been delivered, the plane tickets have been bought, the reservations have been made and the fingers are now crossed as Boundary Bay Brewery sets course for Denver, CO and the Brewer’s Association Great American Beer Festival.

For those of you who are not in the know, the Great American Beer Festival is the premier craft beer festival and awards show in the country featuring over 400 Breweries doling out 1,500+ kinds of beer in one ounce samples to 30,000+ thirsty attendees over the course of 3 days (October 11-13.) HERE is an excellent video of last year’s festival, made by the good people at Basic Brewing, that may give you some idea of what goes down during those three magical days in Denver.

Boundary has entered a selection of beers in hopes of bringing home the gold! The winners will be announced Saturday, October 13 and Boundary Bay’s lovely general manager, Janet, will be sending us updates along the way.

Onward to Denver and to glory! DELICIOUS GLORY!!