Beer in Transit…getting ready for the GABF

So, those of you who religiously follow the world of craft beer, you’ll know that on the very near horizon sits the Great American Beer Festival.  The GABF hosts one of the world’s largest tasting competitions and beers from around the world are judged within over 70 categories of beer styles.  Nearly 50,000 beer lovers are expected to attend this years festival!

beer lovers unite!

beer lovers unite!

Currently, Ed Bennet, the owner of Boundary Bay Brewery is driving from Bellingham to Denver with lots and lots of beer in tow.  By the end of this week, all the breweries competing in the Great American Beer Festival must have their beer to Denver in order to be sorted and grouped into the appropriate categories in preparation for the extensive tasting and judging to begin.  For at least eight years, Ed has been driving Boundary Bay’s beer to the competition…but, even cooler, he’s been taking beer for other breweries along the way as well.  Anacortes brewing, Elliott Bay brewery, the RAM, and Pike brewing all sent their lovely brews to nestle in with Boundary’s beer for the long ride to Denver…in total, Ed’s carrying beer from 13 breweries to the Great American Beer Festival.  We, and many other breweries, like to personally hand deliver our beer to the competition to ensure quality.  Even if a beer sample is shipped overnight, it can sit for too long at the wrong temperature or, worse, arrive broken thus taking that sample out of the competition.  Maybe it’s our commitment to quality and the effort Ed takes to make sure our beer stays at the correct temperature that has resulted in so many awards from the GABF in our past.

Boundary Bay Brewery heads to the Great American Beer Festival

Boundary Bay head honcho Ed Bennett (on the right) in Danny Williams’ (left) top secret beer storage facility somewhere outside of (or perhaps below?) Denver, CO.

The beer has been brewed, the beer has been delivered, the plane tickets have been bought, the reservations have been made and the fingers are now crossed as Boundary Bay Brewery sets course for Denver, CO and the Brewer’s Association Great American Beer Festival.

For those of you who are not in the know, the Great American Beer Festival is the premier craft beer festival and awards show in the country featuring over 400 Breweries doling out 1,500+ kinds of beer in one ounce samples to 30,000+ thirsty attendees over the course of 3 days (October 11-13.) HERE is an excellent video of last year’s festival, made by the good people at Basic Brewing, that may give you some idea of what goes down during those three magical days in Denver.

Boundary has entered a selection of beers in hopes of bringing home the gold! The winners will be announced Saturday, October 13 and Boundary Bay’s lovely general manager, Janet, will be sending us updates along the way.

Onward to Denver and to glory! DELICIOUS GLORY!!