Oktoberfest at Boundary Bay!

As we know, all good things must come to an end and, unfortunately, the season of events in the beer garden has come to an end.  It did, however, go out with a bang!  For the final event of the season in our beer garden we had our own Oktoberfest celebration.  The garden was full of Fall revelers and people getting in to the spirit of things!  Ralf supplied us with authentic Bravarian pretzel treats and, as is our Oktoberfest tradition, we tapped a Firkin keg that, this year, held Havest Ale that had been fresh hopped with hops from our very own garden.  Here’s a couple of our favorite pics from the Oktoberfest celebration:

Looks like a fun time was had by all!  Don’t miss out next year on our Oktoberfest party in the beer garden.

Oh, and while I began this blog by saying the Oktoberfest marked the end of the season in the beer garden…well, all rules have exceptions, don’t they?  While the season is, for the most part, over…there are three events that came in just under the deadline and will stretch the season of garden events just a little longer.

The first of these events is on Saturday, October 4th when the Soundwaves Surfrider Benefit Concert is happening from 2pm until midnight.  The Northwest Straights chapter of the Surfriders Foundation is holding a benefit concert and fashion show in the beer garden.  The fashion show by Georgie Girls is at 7 pm and there will be a raffle to win a Gabe Kling autographed custom surfboard.  There will be music by The Surf Messiahs, Boris Budd, Vox Solis, North by Northwest, Vaughn Kreestoe, Voodoo Grace Notes, Pau Hana Brothers, Kreg Presley, and Sweet Beets.  All ages are welcome until 10 pm and the cover is $7 ($5 for 10 and under).

On Sunday October 5th, we’re going to have an art exhibition and a live art show down in the garden starting at 3 pm.  Don’t miss this unique, exciting opportunity to watch an amazing artist create right in front of you!  This art show is going to be from a Seattle artist named Solace who makes great urban, graffiti inspired art.  He’ll be working with acryclics and spray paint in the garden on Sunday.  Trust me, you do not want to miss this!  Check out this gallery on myspace of Solace’s work.

And finally, on Saturday October 25th, there will be a fundraiser in the beer garden for the Alpine Safety Awareness Program (ASAP).  This is an all ages community event featuring live music from BentGrass, all you can eat fish tacos, and a live auction of outdoor recreational equipment.  All money raised during this evening of fun pays for the insurance that ASAP must purchase to offer their free youth and adult awareness programs.

Just Whetting the Appetite!

Check out our Oktoberfest teaser…and the enthusiasm of our brewer, Anthony!  =)

And then remember to come to the Boundary Bay Beer Garden on September 25th to celebrate Oktoberfest in true, Bellingham style.  Don’t miss out on this year’s Firkin keg full of Harvest Ale that has been fresh hopped with hops from our own beer garden!

September at Boundary Bay

September is here already and rather than lament the ending of Summer, Boundary’s got lots of good news brewing to lure you into Fall. On September 22nd, we’ll release our Autumn favorite: Harvest Ale! It only comes once a year and is brewed in limited quantities so don’t miss this chance to taste this beautiful red-orange beer with rich malty flavors. This is a full bodied beer, which is perfect for our cool fall evenings. This autumn seasonal beer has only a distant connection to the German “Oktoberfest” style from which it gets its inspiration. Maltiness is the predominate flavor component of any true Oktoberfest style and also really stands out in our Harvest Ale. Just in case you love the Harvest Ale as much as we do, look for our limited edition Harvest Ale hoodies to add to your Boundary Bay wardrobe.

Speaking of Oktoberfest, join us in our own beer garden on September 25th for an Oktoberfest celebration Bellingham style! Yes, you read right…the Oktoberfest celebration is in September. Confusing as it is, we’re following tradition by holding the festival in late September just as it’s always been done in Bavaria. We’ll be tapping the beloved Firkin keg which is always a good show, and there will be a special Oktoberfest menu (with traditional favorites like Brats!) as well as our usual fare.

Last, but definitely not least, we’ll be tapping the Traverse Ale on September 25th as well. The Bellingham Traverse is a race that takes place on September 27th and celebrates the lifecycle of salmon, recognizing the natural and urban challenges fish face in their life-long journey. 5.5 mile run, 6 mile Mountain bike, 18 mile Road Ride, 3 mile Trail Run, 4 mile paddle, .5 mile Team Trek to the finish line at Boundary Bay Brewery. So, in celebration of all the hard work of the race participants, we’ve brewed a Traverse Ale that is a deep reddish-brown ale with medium to full body and a lively hop character. The hops make this beer particularly refreshing, especially for a darker style. The flavor is rich enough to stand on its own, but also goes extremely well with pastas and spicy food. This beer has a smooth refreshing finish, creating a perfect summer session beer to cool off with after a long “Traverse.” And, whether you participate in the Traverse itself or just enjoy the Traverse Ale, there will be souvenirs aplenty available at Boundary Bay: Traverse hoodies, t-shirts and pint glasses. Available for a limited time only.