Halloween help from Boundary Bay Brewery

Chances are if you haven’t yet picked up a pumpkin by now, how to celebrate Halloween is something that hasn’t even begun to be considered to enter your already maxed out mind. So let Boundary Bay Brewery make it easy for you.


The ghost costume is a classic. According to eHow.com, it can be made in eight easy steps:

Step One Get your hands on a white sheet that you don’t mind cutting. Check thrift stores for an old sheet, but remember to wash it before you use it.

Step Two: Put the sheet over the person who plans to wear it, with the person’s head in the middle of the sheet.

Step Three: Draw two circles around each of the person’s eyes with a crayon or other blunt marker.

Step Four: Mark how much material has to be removed to keep the sheet off the ground.

Step Five: Remove the sheet.

Step Six: Cut the eyeholes in the sheet using cloth scissors, and cut the bottom off if needed.

Step Seven: Cut the sheet in a ragged fashion at the bottom for a more ghostly effect.

Step Eight: Brush glue on the hem and around the eyeholes to prevent fraying.


Choosing the right Halloween party or celebration to attend can really make or break the holiday. Private parties are alright, but the risk of personal injury,or (even worse) boredom is far too great on such a short notice. We recommend you come celebrate with us at Boundary Bay Brewery this Halloween. There will be plenty of delicious beer, hot food and snacks, and two stages hosting 4 bands! And the lineup of bands this year is top notch. Just check the Schedule out:


9 pm on the tap room stage: A Gun That Shoots Knives

10 pm on the beer garden stage: Guinness and the Reparations

11 pm on the tap room stage: No-Fi Soul Rebellion

Midnight on the beer garden stage: Yogoman Burning Band


Still not convinced? Have a listen to our Halloween music preview podcast:

There! We have done all the work for you. See you on Halloween here @ Boundary Bay Brewery!