Striving for Sustainability

Boundary Bay joins Sustainable ConnectionsToward Zero Waste campaign alongside local governments and over 100 other local businesses that have made a commitment to reduce at least 50% of their waste this year. Our aim is to reduce or eliminate waste going to local landfills, increase reuse and recycling of existing resources and purchase more products available to us through local businesses. So far, we use food waste bins, so all of our kitchen waste gets recycled and we have disposable silverware (for takeout and for use down in the beer garden) made of biodegradable corn starch. Most importantly, all of our spent grains from our brewing goes to local farms where it gets used for livestock feed. We will be continuing to implement procedures to further this zero waste goal.

Many of our food products come from local businesses thereby reducing gas consumption as well as supporting other local businesses. In our new menus at Boundary Bay, any food item or beverage that utilizes local ingredients is marked with a Buy Local Be Local logo.

We get our seafood from Barlean’s, our dairy from Breckenridge Farm and our ravioli from Pastazza. Ralf’s Bavarian Bakery supplies us with buns as well as pretzels, Grace Café makes our pies, and our produce is supplied by K & M farm. Our honey comes from Gilemette, our breads from Avenue Breads and Great Harvest Breads and our sprouts from Happy Valley farm. We, here at Boundary Bay, are trying to take steps to tangibly decrease the environmental impact of our business. In turn, we hope to inspire other businesses and individuals to take similarly sustainable actions and work together to move this community Toward Zero Waste!