Screen Shot 2013-05-06 at 2.45.22 PMI remember posing the statement more than once as a kid: But, why isn’t there a kids day? Why do you get your own day. That’s not fair!  Followed by that unfaltering, instant retort: Because every day, is kids day. While the response rang utterly unjust in my four year old mind, I have since grown to realize the truth behind it. And that’s a start…right parents!?   : )

KIDS (referring to all you mature adults), this year it’s OUR turn to plan an EXTRA special day for Mom. Something fun of course, perhaps a bit unexpected, definitely tasty and something involving family. Most importantly, something that involves a free cocktail for Mom. We’re just kidding. But not really…she deserves it.

Bring your Mom, Stepmom, Mother-in-law, future Mother-in-law (et cetera) to the annual Boundary Bay Mother’s Day Brunch on May 12th from 10am-2pm. Make your reservation by calling us at 360-547-5593.

Here’s how it typically goes: Mom will be greeted with a FREE mimosa (duh!) and you and the fam will celebrate and toast to the amazing woman she is, and all she does. You’ll enjoy each others company, eat a delicious brunch prepared by the Boundary Bay Catering Team, and potentially save some ales — if you’re feeling up to it!

We hope you’ll join us. Take a look at how the menus shaping up:
(Most menu items have Gluten Free, Vegan and Vegetarian options available – Contact us for further details!)

Scrambled Eggs with Fontina
Assorted Miniature Quiches
Roasted Red Potato Home Fries
Bacon and Sausage
Spiral Ham Carving Station
Grilled Vegetables
Caprese Skewers
Assorted Tea Sanwhiches
Spinach Salad with Fresh Fruits, Holmequist Hazelnuts, Gothberg Farm’s Chèvre, honey white balsamic champagne reduction.
Fresh peas and mint Farfalle pasta salad with lemon thyme feta vinaigrette
French Toast with Strawberry Sauce, syrup and whipped cream
English Muffins with Jam and Butter
Fresh Fruits
Assorted Muffins
Pecan Buns
Shortbread cookies
Beer – of course!
Tea, Coffee, Iced Tea, Juices