guideBellingham retailers are joining together in support of Sustainable Connection’s Eat Local First program, with a month long, flavorful and festive celebration of local food and farms. 17 Farm-To-Table restaurants are included in Eat Local Month, along with 20+ edible events — including the Whatcom Harvest Dinner.  Boundary Bay Brewing Co. is one of many Bellingham restaurants, that has made a pledge to provide fresh, natural and local food products to its customers.

Locally owned, family friendly and community driven, we work with over 25 local farmers and suppliers to bring fresh NW pub food to our menu. We adopted the farm to fork slogan and exemplify it’s notion with menu items like the Full Circle Burger: a motto coined from our partnership with local beef supplier, Squaw Creek Cattle Co. in Everson, WA. The cattle at Squaw Creek are grass fed and supplemented with spent grain from the brewery. It’s a simple idea really, it all goes fill circle at Boundary Bay, local business supporting local businesses. In the past year, we’ve made even more changes to our menu, forming  contracts with Anderson Family Ranch, Carlton Farms and Draper Valley Farms; all of whom raise free-range, non-additive, fresh and natural, organic meat products. (click to learn about these menu changes and products).

EAT LOCAL MONTH illustrates how local businesses are working to bring the Bellingham community fresher, healthier food products. In the month of September, Boundary Bay and 16 additional local restaurants have pledged to offer distinctive EAT LOCAL FIRST dishes, made of 50% of more farm-sourced ingredients.

Patrons can win prizes just by eating local food and filling out their EAT LOCAL PASSPORTS. Don’t have one? Just ask your server!  Items on our menu that qualify you for a passport stamp include our Pan Fried Oysters, Full Circle Beef Burger, Harvest Salad, Steamers, Salmon entree and our special of the month; Sabih Sandwich (A classic Mediterranean sandwich with roasted eggplant, Tahiti sauce, hard boiled egg and pickled mango, piled on a cucumber, tomato and onion chopped salad and served on flatbread. (ingredients from Cloud Mt. Farm and Bellingham Flatbread & Bakery).

Sustainable Connections and the participating retailers invite you to eat at their tables, get your eat local month passport stamped, and proudly display your “I ate local today” stickers. To find out more about Eat Local Month, check out the Sustainable Connections webpage.


More Local Meat!


Draper Valley Farm

Last summer we introduced the Full Circle Burger to our menu – a motto coined from our partnership with local beef supplier, Squaw Creek Cattle Co. in Everson, WA. The cattle at Squaw Creek are grass fed and supplemented with spent grain from our own brewery. To us, it makes a lot of sense to feed out cattle spent brewer’s grain, claim the owners of Squaw Creek, because it’s reusing a product that has already fulfilled one purpose and can, now again, be used as an energy source for our cattle.” Boundary Bay then uses the beef to make our classic brew-pub Burger. It’s simple, it all goes full circle here at Boundary Bay, and this is a motto we like to stick by – local businesses supporting local businesses.  So, in an effort to supply our customers with more fresh and natural products – we’ve decided to partner up with three more (family owned and operated!) meat suppliers: Draper Valley Farms, Anderson Ranch, and Carlton Farms.

Draper Valley Farms is the pioneer of Washington and Oregon-raised fresh chicken since 1935 – their slogan reads; The Way Nature Intended. With no added hormones, GMO’s, antibiotics, or preservatives these chickens are humanly raised with free-range access to the outdoors. Menu items, like the Tarragon Chicken and our Spicy Chicken Wings will now be supplied by Draper Valley Farms.


Beer-B-Q Pork Sandwich

Other menu items like our Meatloaf Sandwich, BBQ Pork Sandwich, and BBQ pork Pizza will now be prepared with high quality meat from Carlton Farms. We believe in one simple principle: deliver only the highest quality handcrafted meats to our customers. No artificial ingredients, no artificial coloring, no chemical preservatives and no added moisture, state the owners. Today’s pork is much leaner than in was 20 years ago because of significant changes made in breeding and feeding. The USDA confirms that pork sold today averages 31% less fat than in 1981! “You’ve heard it be called “the other white meat” but at Carlton farms, we think of pork as THE white meat.” With nine different cuts of pork available, each with less than nine grams of fat – Carlton Farms Pork is versatile, flavorful and healthy, too!

AndersonFamily154The Anderson Family has been raising Oregon Lamb for 5 generations, selectively breading their sheep for the highest quality of meat producers. Increasing in popularly as the choice of red meats, lamb is low in calories, fat and cholesterol and a good source of iron, zinc and vitamin B-12. So it’s no surprise our menu contains a traditional lamb burger! Our lamb will now come from Anderson Ranch in Oregon – U.S.D.A certified naturally grown lamb. The Lambs from Anderson Ranches are grown on free-range Willamette Valley pastures and fed on lush green Oregon grasses. With no added growth stimulants, hormones, feed additives or antibiotics, it’s protein rich, premium natural meat that tastes delicious!

Boundary Bay is excited to introduce these fresh, natural products to our menu. It all began with a burger, and it continues to go full circle. Next time you’re in, give one of these menu items a try and let us know what you think: