Update: Nepal relief and rebuilding efforts

On April 25, life in Nepal changed drastically. A 7.8 earthquake and all the subsequent and ongoing aftershocks rattled not only buildings and hills, but also soul and spirit of the people.

We want to take the time to thank anyone who helped raise money through the Prayer Flag Fundraiser or contributed in other way. Here’s an update on the Nepal relief and rebuilding effort.

We’ve been working with a Nepali man named Jwalant Gurung, who created 3 Summits for Nepal. He created it as a way to benefit his homeland when he was a graduate student at the University of Washington.

The combined efforts of 3 Summits For Nepal, Crystal Mountain Treks,Grand Asian Journeys, Crooked Trails and Jwalant Gurung’s personal contributors were able to raise 9,164,280 Nepali Rupees, equivalent to $84,678.57 in the United States. A team of professional guides from Three Summits, including Jwalant, supplied aid & relief materials to many remote villages severely affected by the earthquake.


Jwalant Gurung, Boundary Bay GM Janet Lightner, and Pam Perry enjoy a summer day in the Beer Garden. With your help, the Prayer Flag Fundraiser was able benefit the relief effort in Nepal.

In 2016, 3 Summits for Nepal will move their focus to rebuilding – both homes and schools. They’ve already begun rebuilding in the village of Singla. In the early months of 2016 the process will be spread to the villages of Bamthi, Yolung, Junbesi & Badel. When rebuilding the homes their goal is to make the homes much more resilient without compromising the traditional feel.

This tragedy left headlines months ago, but there is still a need for support. Much of the funds raised were used in the relief efforts, leaving little for the rebuilding process. If you feel compelled to contribute please follow this link.



Prayer Flags for Saurpani


Help in the Nepal earthquake recovery efforts by purchasing a paper prayer flag when you dine at Boundary Bay. We are raising funds for the village of Saurpani, a Gurkha village located near the epicenter of the recent 7.8 earthquake in Nepal. Our GM Janet Lightner recently travelled through Nepal to base camp on Mt. Everest, where she met some extraordinary people along the way. Fortunately, the friends she made on her journey are safe, however, many of their homes and villages were destroyed.

Working with Jwalant from Crystal Mountain Treks, our goal is to raise $10,000 to help rebuild the village of Saurpani. Our staff will be selling paper prayer flags starting at $1 — write a prayer, thought, or wish on your flag. At the end of the day, we will string them together and hang them up throughout the brewery. We hope to adorn our walls will several flags and well-wishes in the up and coming weeks. All proceeds raised during this fundraiser will go towards the rehabilitation efforts in Saurpani. We sincerely appreciate any donation towards this cause. Thank you.

Stay tuned for an official fundraiser in our Beer Garden.

Thursday, April 30th: UPDATES
The Bellingham Farmer’s Market reached out to us this morning and told us they would like to get involved in our Prayer Flag Fundraiser by setting up a booth at the market on Saturday, May 9th. They will be selling paper prayer flags starting at $1 — Stop by the booth and make a donation. Thank you BFM!
The Legendary Chucklenuts also reached out and told us they would like their June 19th show to be dedicated to the fundraiser. Rather than be paid, they would like would like funds be directed towards the Prayer Flag Fundraiser.
 We are delighted by the generosity and outpouring of support we have received on behalf of this fundraiser. Lets keep it rolling, Bellingham! THANK YOU!