Out of the Ashes

shapeimage_1shapeimage_11The band, Out of the Ashes, is a music therapy program that was created by local resident, Jon Dalgarn, to give people with disabilities the chance to play music. This summer, Out of the Ashes will be performing every Tuesday in the Boundary Beer Garden from 3-5pm.

The idea for Out of the Ashes grew from a job Dalgarn had in Arlington, where he worked with those with developmental disabilities in a residential and vocational setting. A professional musician, Dalgarn would pull out his guitar at lunch and start playing. “The whole energy of the place shifted,” he said. The enthusiasm increased more when he introduced instruments like a tambourine and, later, a microphone that encouraged others to sing. Instead of watching him and being entertained, They’re part of the scene. It was life-changing,” said Dalgarn, “There was a sense of belonging – its takes away the disability, and looks at his ability, stated one participant’s mother.

The combination of the two, music and human services, sparked the creation of a program that united Jon’s love for live-performance and his passion for adding quality to the lives of the people he currently serves.  Out of the Ashes is now an established, interactive music therapy program that has proven to provide a positive and profound life-changing experience on participants. Whether at a coffee house, street fair, or in their weekly groups, members and audiences alike are welcome to join in the fun by playing any of the many percussive instruments provided.

“It’s the best gig in the world,” Dalgarn said. “It’s an amazing thing to watch and see what happens!”

This live, responsive music program is enjoyed and acclaimed by everyone who attends. Out of the Ashes provides a creative expression, a deep sense of self-esteem, positive social behavior skills, vocational placement, a renewed sense of joy in living and a more well-rounded balance in one’s life.

Membership is open to people of all ages and abilities. Email or call for more information on booking or participating in the Out of the Ashes Music Therapy Program:

360-779-9715 or 360-770-2404