Hoodies Around the World…our first ever hoodie contest!

Alright loyal fans, we’re going to try something new here and we hope it catches on quick and spreads like wildfire! We know how much you all love our hoodies and how often we see them around town. We’ve heard rumors that people are spotting them out of town, too…so we want to start a little contest. We’d like you to send us a picture of yourself or someone you spotted wearing the Boundary Bay hoodie…hopefully from all around the world!

Casey Diggs sporting the classic Boundary Bay Hoodie!

The best picture (whether that be most interesting location or simply the coolest photograph) will win a gift certificate to Boundary Bay for $25.00 and will have their winning photo posted on the main page of our Boundary Bay website. The photos not chosen as the winner will also be on our website in a slide show of photographs submitted to our hoodie contest, and we might even have a second winner that comes from the slide show…a people’s choice award! Send your photos to photos@bbaybrewery.com. If you send us photos please remember that you are allowing us the right to use these photos on our website and for our business. Can’t wait to see where and how all you loyal Boundary Bay fan show off your hoodies!

What’s wrong with this picture?

What’s wrong with this picture?

photo by Vincent Aiosa

Upon first glance, practically nothing.  It’s a beautiful day in Bellingham, Ed is beaming with pride that his brewery’s growth and expansion has caught the attention of the Bellingham Business Journal who have come to interview and photograph Ed for a wonderful feature on Boundary Bay Brewing Co. to be included in their February edition.

But look at the picture a little bit closer.   No, closer than that, really get in there.

Okay, I will just point it out for you:

This is Shane, Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro’s mountain of a bartender, and as is evidenced by this photo, kind of a ham.  Actually, a total ham, but only in the best way.

Next time your at Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro, be sure to tell Shane you saw him in The Bellingham Business Journal.  He will be thrilled.