Boundary Bay Brewery Strives for Water Conservation

rollingroscoe__92217161Boundary Bay Brewery has consistently been working on finding ways to make our business practices more sustainable.  Our achievements so far have been many…from reducing our waste,  increasing the amount of recycling we do, and becoming an employee partner of Smart Trips to help encourage our employees to find better ways to commute.  We’ve completed a waste audit, an energy audit and had our wastewater evaluated.  Next on our list, is finding ways to reduce our water usage.  We, like many restaurants, have grown accustomed to pouring glasses of water for every member in the dining party, but statistics report that approximately 30% of restaurant customers never drink the water they were served when seated.  So, we are trying to eliminate the unnecessary waste of water by serving water by request only.  Don’t get us wrong…we don’t want you to go thirsty.  And this is not some shameless ploy to get you to drink more beer!  We are happy to bring anyone water who would like it and we will have carafes available for any tables who wish.  However, we will only bring water once our customers ask for it and each person will be asked before their water glasses are refilled.  We appreciate your willingness to help us achieve our goals of becoming more and more sustainable.