Boris Budd December 18 at Boundary Bay Brewery

Boris Budd.  You probably have heard or seen that name somewhere if you live in Whatcom County.  But who is he?  An acquaintance?  A forgotten friend?  A local celebrity?  WHY IS THAT NAME SOOOOO FAMILIAR!?!?

Let me clue you in:

Boris Budd is a local singer/songwriter who can usually be found pounding out his own politically charged anthems,  praising deserving local talent, attending local bands’ shows, coordinating local charity events, reviewing locally released albums and hosting a local music podcast for local music rag What’s Up! Magazine.  The key word here is local, unless you couldn’t tell.  Boris Budd works tirelessly to not only promote his own music and his band, The Water Boarders,  he also works just as hard to promote all facets of the Whatcom County music scene.  Naturally, someone with so much time and effort invested in local music (and who has such a delightful alliteration for a name) is bound to come up in conversation when the topic of local music is brought up and is probably why, if you live in Bellingham, you recognize that name.

Boris Budd will be performing Friday, December 18 at Boundary Bay Brewery & Bistro with Shawnee Kilgore and Luke Warm and the Moderates.  The doors are at 10:30pm and there is a $4 with all proceeds going to the Whatcom Volunteer Center.

What’s Up Love

We got some great press in Bellingham’s monthly music mag: What’s Up:  October 2008, Vol 11 No 8.  In the Le Beat article by Brent Cole.

“WOW did [Boris Budd] put on a hell of a benefit at Boundary Bay last month.  The Homes for our Troops benefit was a huge, huge success with over $3,000  raised as well as materials donated from local bussinesses…Time and time again, Bounday Bay has stepped up and done something great for the Bellingham music scene and we for one appreciate it.  Thanks Janet [Boundary Bay’s general manager] and crew.”