2 thoughts on “Brats, Pot Pie and More at Boundary Bay Brewery

  1. While I strongly support the idea of buying local, the word “locavore” has a specific meaning. (You used Bellingham locavore as a tag on this article.) It describes someone who eats only locally produced food. While Hemplars is a local business (and worthy of support for that reason), their food is not local at all, so doesn’t really meet the “locavore” criteria. I’m not sure where their bratwurst comes from, but they told me their bacon comes from Ireland.

    Avenue Bread is a little better, since many of their ingredients are at least regional (produced in WA state), if not strictly local.

    Please, let’s keep the idea of “locavore” meaningful. If you’d like some help creating a truly locavore menu to go with your great beers, just let me know. I’d be happy to help.

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